Friday, October 14, 2016

I Really Identify With Judges 11:37

The work remains amazing and madagascar still alternates between hilarious and infuriating. I think the charm may wear off in about 3 weeks, which seems about right.

The aesthetic remains larges the same, with the important discover of this masterpeice painted on the side of a school in our area

whenever i see it, i whisper "I caught ya peekin', laddy"  

A photo essay of me getting my face painted in "the most vezo style you can do"

We went Foulepointe on p day, which is why theres all these beachy pics again

a $100 camera sticking out of a $2 house

okay thats enough entertaining pictures time to talk about the people im teaching

A personal favorite right now is Clovis Sely and Jacqueline, not pictured above. We were tracting one day, starting talking with this friendly woman, and we hit off great casue shes from tulear and yall remember how i was there and whatnot. We had a great chat with her and her fam, i could see her husband and i thought we were in for a baller first lesson for sure. But then she revealed to me that the man was not actually her husband, he had just left for tulear the day before to attend a relatives funeral. (read: no man in the house read: THWARTED) i was very dissapointed and gave em the usual spiel about where church and "come on over if theres time on sunday". Surprisingly enough, their two daughters came and so we invited them to start attending our bap class, a place for all of our young men and women to learn the gospel on fridays who dont have grown men with them. They turned out to be super dilligent, until one week they didnt come and so we stopped by their house to find, lo and behold, they hadnt attended because they were out buying medecine for their dad for their dad who had just come back from tulear! he was, of course, very sick, as all thing that have just lived in tulear are. What proceeded after that was probably the single best 1st lesson ive ever had with their dad and mom and all them together. Clovis Sely straight up said stuff like ''Oh i get it, joseph smith continued the work of the apostles. But what about the time in between Jospeh Smith and the apostles? Oh no one had the authority. I gues that means all the other churhces are false. Wow i have like a big responsibility in the Catholic church, but i can see that church isnt true. I really need to switch over to this one.'' I cant really express how great it was.

Were also teaching Ernest and Olga, a lovely couple thats still a little new. Ernest works at a factory that makes plastic things and the factory excess he takes and molds into sculptures, Tim Burton's Willy Wonka style. 

All the old stalwarts are doing great as well.      

Here weve got Ndrina and Lucie, so quiet and intellectual, and finally coming out of their shell with the ward. their papers are soon to be finished, which means baptism is fast approaching. Ill probably juuuust miss it. Ndrina is a paradox, and extremely organized and mechanically inclined malagasy. He probably would have been an engineer in another life, though he still kind of is, as he the head of a team of house builders. Dont think the american version, think a bunch of guys covered in dust breaking rocks and using mud as mortar.

And the perfect, insanely talkative Frederick and Eleanor, still moving forward towards marriage and baptism, making real progress. Their house is a black hole that it is impossible to leave in under and hour and a half. Some times it takes 30 minutes just to cut through all the talk and stories and get an opening prayer out. Their smallest child, Leon, is the most angelic boy ive ever met. One day they sent him off to primary and finding there was no teaching and bunch of kids making a mess, he carefully organized the room, sat down, and waited with his arms crossed. His usually cleaning in some way when we come over. 

I should mention their duck and geese that the kids are holding, named "Qui Qui" which beeing transladed means "Quack Quack" and "vavan'la pelle" which being translated means "Shovel-mouth". Classic Eleanor quote "be careful just in case he sh*ts on the table" followed promptly by shovel mouth pooping on the table.

I guess that it for today folks.   

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