Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I Update This Blog Once In Whenever I Feel Like It

kind of like the garbage who come to our house whenever they run out of money to buy alcohol. they must have a lot right now cause our trash is building up.
Elder Walker officially shipped out this week for Fort Dauphin and i now eagerly await his replacement, the New Zealandish Elder Reynolds. Me liking Flight of the Conchords should be the only thing required to make this companionship work, right? I once said of this man "weve both been on our missions for more than a year and i just barely found out he existed" -ive never been credited as observant.
Im staying in Andranomadio in Tamatave btw for the 0 people who both care and are geography prodigies
Im heading into my final vestigial transfer i just kinda tacked on at the end because im afraid of going home, and i cant even express how bizarre its been seeing my mtc group going home. Heiden has already gone full portland on me, im talking a steady stream of photos of flannels and beards and old cars, and Cyusa is heading out tommorow. By the time you read all this, there will be offical no one in the madagascar mission that was here when i arrived, even all the office couples have shipped out. Im a coelacanth, a streched metaphor i brought up to mention that the fished a real coelacanth out of the toamasina coast recently. Cool!
youll be wanting some pictures after that block of text.

"bad tempered dog"

Morarano companionship of Lingani and Keyes, our resident South Africans. Keyes Is leaving tommorow to go open up and area in the city of Ansirabe with my son, Elder Wilmot. fun fact, my mission looks like the timeline of groundhog day. I went to ambohipo twice, i was with garcia twice, and now ive lived in a four man house with 3 white guys and one black guy, two being from South Africa, one being American, and one being from an island best described as "near Australia" twice. (Wilmot, Iata, and Deklerk was the first house, for those curious i.e. no one)

Sahidy and Perline and their family. Theyre among my favorite investigators of all time, and consitently hilarious and overwhelming. Perlines talks at all times with the urgency of a blaring submarine alarm in the thickest of Betsimitsaraka accents all the while being busy busy busy. you cannot stop her from doing stuff and shes constantly feeding you as you try to teacher her around all the flying strawberry juice, herbal tea, cooking bread fruit and fried bananas. All the while Sahidy is pontificating in his raspy halting manner as they talk over each other, all in pretty thick northern accent. Theyre pretty sahirana (struggling? busy?) right now going back and forth to the countryside to bild a new tomb for their ancestors and moving the bones and doing a the required parties and whatnot that malagast tradition dictates, as well as trying to quit coffee and alcohol, so their progress is a little slow at the moment. A favorite moment is when Perline described the health effects of cigarettes as making a spider in your insides, every time she calls us "prophet boys", and when she profusly refused for not having and food ready because she was just busy dealing with setting up her grandmass funereal, a recent robbery of her house, fixing their phone, etc., and then conjured a pot our of nowhere of cooked akondro lahy (man-bananas) andwouldnt lest us leave until we ate all of them.   

Walker and i bonded over being ridiculously anaylitical. We had a lot of stupid arguments as to whether or not its possible for the universe to have a limit or whether or not its possible for your eyes to perceive 3D images. This is graph we spontaneously drew on our fridge while trying to determine the ideal amount of lessons to hit in a week, factoring in the progress of your investigators, the quality of your lessons, and your personal enjoyment. 45 to 55 was the hypothesized magic range. We experimented and determined it was correct.


So Walkers departure and Reynolds arrival are separated by an unfornate gap, so ive been working with members ofr the past three days, the aforemention Be Fabio (Big Fabio) and yes thats his real name. His twin, who is even shorter, buffer, and is just as negative and reserved as Fabio is smily and hyperactive, is named Be Mario. Fabio is very good at english but sometimes he throws out a hilarious "dont camera me" or "they had a big tree christmas"

Everyone say goodbye to Dongfan

Thats all for now. Im sending this to all of you now but its inteded as blogpost, so enjoy your digital sneak peak you first world computer owners

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