Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finale: Take Care Of Yourself

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote me this week. Im not going to respond well right now to you all because id rather do it in person in a little bit.

Thank you so much to my parents, who sent on this mission have done eveything for me my whole life and are my role models in everything I do.

Thank you so much to my Grandmother who never failed to write me or take time to involve herself in my life, and to all my extended family who supported and prayed for me as well.

Thank you so much to my great friends, especially Jeff, Jeremiah, and Reed who have unfailing been everything a friend should be and more no matter how physically distant we've become.

Thank you so much to Elders Cyusa, Heiden, Horspool, Ahlstrom, Garcia, Te'e, Johnson, Liao, Wilmot, Band, Walker, and Reynolds, each and every one of my perfect companions who each became a bizarre replacement of friends, family, and girlfriends, a man-wife who literally never left my side (they werent allowed). Im severely indebted to all of you for your care and for whatever personal development Ive had over the past two years.

In addition to that, every great missionary Ive ever lived with, perhaps too long of list to write. Each of you were a brother to me.

Thank you so much to Presidents and Sisters Foote and Adams, who were my parents. I can distinctly remember meeting each of you and feeling impressed that I was standing in the presence of someone who was truly great, like shaking hands with Lincoln or Einstein. 

Thank you so much to God and Jesus Christ for literally every thing.

Ive never been good at bearing my testimony or talking about spiritual things when writing you guys, but I think I must get over that now. Henry B Eyering taught me i should fear God more than i fear being trite. I want everyone who reads this to know that I know its all true. God. Jesus Christ. His Atonement. Joseph Smith, and all the prophets after him all the way down to Thomas S Monson. Ive felt it, seen it, said it far too many times to count. I know it more than I know anything else. I want it to infect and permeate through every part of my  life until God stops me from being me and makes me into something better. Im still working on it. But i know fully that it can happen and will happen, through Jesus Christ and His church. It can happen for you. Im sure it already is happening for you. YOu already know it, probably better than I. But Id like to remind you. 

I love you all so very much. I thank God for you every day.

And I thank you for reading.

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