Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"He is small, and he is french. I am able to kill this guy."

So out of some mixture of laziness, guilt at not having written, and no longer having access to pictures, instead of delighting you all with one of my blogposts extraordinaire i will instead be writing a normal missionary letter home, containg the events of the week. I know, yawn. Please forgive me.

Some fast fax to get you all up to speed:

Elder Garcia got called to this desert coastal city called Toliara. Fun fact: its namesake of the coton de tulear dog breed. Its also the metalworking capital of Mada. He tells me hes already bought a knife.

Im staying in Ambohipo,  my new companion is Elder Te'e, from Tonga.

New mission president is here, President Foote. Hes a pretty dang cool guy. We've already had an interveiw and he plays basketball with the missionaries. Very different style from President Adams. I magine the Terminator and Yogi Bear side by side. He actually came to church at out ward last sunday and I spent the whole time translating for him and his family. It was my first time translating live for an extended amont of time, difficult but fun. Felt good to realize that i was capable of doing it, but also opened my eyes to just how much better i could:need to get at malagasy. Fun fact: 50% of translation is making stuff up and adding your own thoughts (if your translator is me)

so bad news, my camera got stolen again. in the church. at a baptism. such is life.

ill probably wait a while before purchasing another, i have to think well about how im gonna protect it.

PS this blog post was suppossed to get to you all a week ago, but the power went out. So you get it now.

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