Monday, July 6, 2015

The Seven Effective Habits Of Highly People

Not feeling clever today so lets just get to it

kids are just amazing here. this group was flying kites they made out of plastic bags, sticks, cans, and wire. You see kids making amazing toys out of garbage all the time. Water bottle pinweels and slingshots are common

Elder garcias been semi jokingly asking for people to do his hair for months now and Nalia finally broke down 

a fruit stand! stuff like this is very common in mada. a lot of people make money by growing banna trees in their backyard and other delightful stuff like that (for example fishing in the super polluted rivers and then drying the fish and sellling them...i dont appreciate the smell of those stands nearly so much)

remember how i mentioned malagasies love taking pics nextto vehicles? well Benanjara insissted we takes somes pics next to some dudes moto 

So theres a malagasy tradition ive been waiting to tell you all about: Didy Potra, or traditional malagasy circumcision. When we heard there was one happenin not too far from us we just had to go. We didnt even know anyone there, we just wanted to attend a Didy Potra, and the family, being malagasy, were just happy to have more (and interesting looking) people at the party. Because it is a party, one that happens in the dead of night and goes until early morning, like 6 o clock. First of all, they wait until theboy is of traditional age (depending on tribe, anywhere between 2 and 8) and then tell him theyre throwing him a massive party. They invite everyone, family, friends, neighbors, weird vazahas, and make an obscene amount of rice and loaka. the party startsvery late. They rent some giantspeakers or a band and play superloud music and everyone dances their heads off. Once the boy of the eventhas danced till he gets tired and stops, they clap and and urge him on to keep going. If he doesnt want to they give him some bon bons (candy? Is bon bon and english word?) or a toy as a reward for him to keep going. Once hes danced to the point where he cant anymore, and collapses from sheer exhaustion, its "time". everyone forms a circle, and its a hard set rule that you cant laugh. they solemnly look on as thechild is de-pantsed, and knife rinsed in iodine does the deed, the extra is removed (the uncircumcized reader might say "im not sure there is any extra") exhaustion being the anaesthetic.   

then the extra is placed a top a banana and the childs grandfather eats it.

Got you! thats not true. its actually the childs uncle who eats it, unless he has none in which case its the grandad. Grandpas also, at the arrival of their first grandchild, wait until they poop and then rub their foot in it (disclaimer: im not sure any tribe but Tsimanety does this)

the particular boy was of a tribe where youre only two when it happens. He had already "been made a man" by the time we got there. We congratulated the mom and left soon afterwords. this was the only picture i got, because it was already way dark and i didnt know anyone.

two very different times me and elder garcia stoppped to get food

that feel when you look reallygood all day but you neverget a chance to take a selfie and when you do get the chance youre sweaty disheveled and half undressedin terrible lighting

Garcia sure loves those street dogs. this one was flippin cute though

sometimes (all the time) i take many pictures of the same thing and cant decide which i like the best

english class. i like how teachery i look


Tody Soa dresses like scarface and acts like him too. One of the most mischevios, trouble casing kids ive ever met. Hes the one whose blood was gonna geton my white shirt

too busy taking selfies to notice the heavenly messenger

Speacial thanks to my awesome family for sending me an even awesomer package! they even remembered my quip about elder turleys star wars pillowcase and sent me one. Kids, tell your mothers you love them today.

(Love you mom)

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