Monday, March 23, 2015

What Were Your Thoughts As You Put On Short Shorts And A Hijab This Morning

He's back

Another 6 weeks have come and gone and its transfers again. And I dont think I've written anything of significance on this blog since last transfers, which i know is just devastating to my legions of rabid fans who are frothing at the mouth to catch ever honeyed word that drops from my lips. So here y'all go.

TrAnSfErS: I'm staying in Betongolo with Elder Ahlstrom as my companion, which is exactly what i wanted (breathe a little 'yay' to yourself right now and join in my mild excitement). Me and Tallstrom get along really well so only having 6 weeks together would have been a travesty, but more importantly this area is chockfull of really cool people and investigators and I'm not ready to leave them behind just yet.

(On the right: Ahlstrom, on the left: Me)

The other cool thing about being an office elder is that when transfers happens everyone who switching cities stops at our house and sleeps there for a night. #ITriedToThinkOfASlumberPartyJokeButTheyAllWerentFunny So we get to meet a boat load (taxi be load) of missionaries. And I gotta say, even thought guys in the 18-22 year old range are usually among my least favorite creatures on this earth (ranking slightly above guys in the 14-18 range) everyone in this mission seems really dope and dedicated to working hard and helping people out in anyway they can. Most days it feels like I'm meeting some of the best people I've ever met. Honestly, it was pretty intimidating until i figured out how to turn admiration into jealousy, jealousy into spite, and spite into a comfortably artificial sense of superiority instead of, you know, changing.

Picture thyme: none of these are particularly good, but I'm posting em cause i'm just excited to have a camera again 

Other cool events of the week:

We had another baptism! Its the sisters investigator; Tina (Tina is a mans name here) so i dont actually know him too well. 

But i do know his friends pretty well, theyre all the bandis in our ward (bandi means cholo in malagasy [cholo means punk in spanish]) 

i forgot to show you guys the picture from my birthday soiree at Soeur Helens too, a quick explanation: the fomba here is on your birthday they throw eggs and flour on you (preferably before someones told you the fomba)  

I think thats it for this week, i want to write more/better but this comp has a truly terrible keyboard (types french but printed in english)

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