Monday, March 9, 2015

Kamera Kwest 2: The Klumps

Only got time to say one thing this week, and its this: Ya boy finally bought a (chinese knock-off) camera (with pirated second rate french software) and now hes back in business

​And i of course mean the weird selfie taking business.

I also got a picture of my beloved Ratsimbazafy and my namako Ahlstrom being cute together, now you can finally see what they look like. Ratsimbazafy and the other visa waiters have officially departed to South Africa and now Ahlstrom and I are empty-nesters. Its very sad but at least we have each other.

Other than that I've been drowning in rain and reading a lot of Hugh Nibley (hence the title last week). I'll wrap up with a personal favorite of his quotes 

"In our day, as in various other times in history, the sanctity and the authority of the temple have been preempted in the religion of mammon. Our banks are designed after the manner of ancient temples, with imposing fronts, ceremonial gates and courts, the onyx, the marble, the bronze—all are the substances of ancient temples. The sacred hush that prevails, the air of propriety, decorum, and dedication; the pious inscriptions on Zions Bank's walls are quotations from Brigham Young (the one man who really had it in for business). The massive vault door, through which only the initiated may pass, gleams chastely in immaculate metal. The symbol makes the reality of all that is safe and secure—that is, the Holy of Holies. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. This is the Lord speaking. We declare that our trust is in God, and we give ourselves away by stamping that declaration where it belongs—on our coins and bills."

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