Wednesday, January 28, 2015

*Tenderly Avoids Male Bonding*

Q-Q-Q-quick post today folks, im short on time


Oh sorry i was in a rush MISY BAPTISM

The guy is Frere Ernest, our ward mission leader and a total baller. Love him to death, also hes very good at english so that probably is part of why i like him so much. He helps us all the time and essentially runs this ward from behind the scenes cause hes just such a hard worker.

The girl in the center is the one who got baptized, and her name is Sitraka (See-Chuk-ah) She's also an amazing member, super smart and dedicated. We always had a great time teaching her and her family. Kind of sad we wont get to see her as much anymore now that she's a full member.

picture of dead rat that was loose in the church office where i work. that rat was less dead when it was loose.

No malagasy path pictures this week, but there are pictures of typical malagasy roads

Remember Medisse, Frederic's friend? Better know as Hegrem or Eminem2.0? Heres a picture of us seeing him off at the airport as well as some other malagasy missionaries headed to the Ghana MTC. 

Medisse will serve in South Africa, english speaking once his visa goes through. They go through slow though, because as i understand it there's some sort of political tension between South Africa and Madagascar. 

Also a belated picture from the Christmas party/rave 

A PLS for tradition's sake

Sorry folks, thats all i got time for. See you next week.

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