Monday, January 5, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve^353

I'm literally just writing this blog post so you all know i haven't forgotten about you. It just very hard to find time on computers out here, sorry.

But i thought you should all know that yes, i did get to celebrate Chrsitmas and New Years and yes, Malagasies celebrate them too. In fact they love them dare i say even more than Americans. Christmas and New Years parties are their two biggest parties of the year and they go ham. I've met multiple people who saved up all year for their parties. an its like the gift giving kind of time like in a america, they just dance all. night. long. and into the next night. and its all to Malagasy songs which are written in like 37/15 time signatures, just hyper rapid guitar plinking, and their bodies keep up with it. These people have been trained from birth to dance, all the two year olds do it. im kind of jealous. for a less hyperactive but extremely popular malagasy song, google "Mahatsiaro" by Stephanie.
I hear it at least 8 times a day, but never in good quality, only on malagasy sound systems (a Nokia flip phone turned up to max volume)

Tratrany Kristmasy daholo! 

Inona voavoa? Toana voavoa!

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