Saturday, November 1, 2014

Malagasy McCrary's Madagascar Mission Malcontent Murmurings - Mild Mormon Movie Malarkey Madness, or My Moronic Malfeasance Museum, or More Marvelous Moments Maintain My Malevolent Mirth, or part 4

This week a certain Reed Bernhisel prayed that she would be afflicted by less selfies on my blog, and lo her prayers were answered in the form of a massive zit cozying up next to my schnozz. 

jk, there is nothing that could reduce the amount of selfies on this blog. 


Embedded videos make their triumphant return to the blog, here to caress your ears with dulcet tones and glisten in the reflection of your corneas. Simultaneously! Mostly in the form of me being a "boolly" (as Gagarin says) to Elder Cyusa.

Cyusa gives you all the scoop on Rwanda and my finger brings shame upon my house forever

music video for David Archuleta's "Glorious," a song the church made the  mistake of putting on so now missionaries are listening to it 24/7 just to get some semblance of pop music

when missionaries feel rebellious sometimes instead of quieting down at 10:15 and studying their scriptures they push two footstools together and play a facsimile of "spikeball", something that im pretty sure is only a game within the Utah state boundaries. 

the big news this week is that my room-ate Elder Turley had to go home this week. this is the last known picture of him. his knee just didnt heal fast enough for them to send him out to the field, so he'll continue to recover at home before flying to lithuania. on the bright side, he'll have been learning the language for 12+ weeks before he gets there, so he should be one of the most fluent ever 1st week missionaries. Turleys a tough guy, spiritually and physically, and he took it all super and says he's excited to show his mom (who is very opposed to the church and signs her letters to him "i wish you were at princeton") how much the mission has changed him. I was sad to see him go, even if we did have to get up at 4:00 friggin AM to send him off. 

its really hard having him gone, so to fill the space in Elder Cyusa, Heiden and my lives i fashioned this crude Turley out of scrap. it doesnt help.

but sometimes, it even feels like...

He's here

got around to deco-rating my room, here is my wall of inspirations. Jerry Seinfeld is the second most influential Jewish leader here.

Cyusa loves taking pictures like this. i dont understand it but i cant argue with the results. BYU bakery bagels are fantastic and the only safe breakfast option around here. yes Cyusa drinks coke for breakfast

i think this picture says something. it says dont wear red while you have massive zits, paleface.

the Indonesians are leaving this week, thats going to be the hardest goodbye yet, theyre all hilarious.i have soft spot for Jasperson though, if you look at this picture long enough youll see him

some idiot fell asleep in class. have sympathy for him, he probably woke up at 4:00 friggin AM to send a dear friend off. probably even carried his bags for him. what nice guy.

Paparazzi snapped a pic of Cyusa and me right after our jacket-swapping scandal

The Stick of Judah and the Stick of Jesse

shall be one in MY hand

For some reason it took Sister Pullicar 3 tries to get this picture down

i guess i havent told you about our sisters, theyre are both very inspiring in thier hard work and the power of their testimonies. Sister Pullicar is from Idaho and is actually learning Malaysian, which is so similar to Indonesian its pretty much a dialect but for political reasons is considered a different language. Shes the only one going to Malaysia of the current batch. She has a mean set of pipes on her so we mostly keep quiet and let her sing most of the hymns cause no one else in our tiny ward is musically inclined. Sister Baricante is from the Philippines and hates beards. her full time job seems to be reminding Elder Heiden to shave, but its to no avail. Heiden is just too dang suave that its physically impossible for him to have a shadow any earlier than 5 o'clock. She misses having rice every meal but never gets some from the rice section of the cafeteria? still havent figured that out. 


we're thinking about forming the worst kind of rock group, christian

Another run in with an old friend, this time from Powell Ohio (its around Columbus). Caeden Brower is 18 and going to Scotland, didnt get a chance to ask if hes miresaka ny teny anglisay or learning some foreign language. Caeden got one of the best smiles ive ever seen and it comes easily to his face, great sense of humor, very friendly. He'll do great at chatting people up. Beyond that Caeden the most intimidatingly big guy to ever be really mediocre at arm wrestling (not that I ever beat him) and invented his own technique of beatboxing he calls breathboxing that sounds like a hyperventilating chihuahua but also somehow cool and pleasant . One time at some church event they asked us to film ourselves talking about our experience there and we did ours in a rapping/breathboxing format. I never forgave them for not putting that on the DVD. 

shades polarized to see through the Heavenly Light

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