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Malagasy McCrary's Madagascar Mission Malcontent Murmurings - PikaCyusa I Cyusa cyUsa

At the MTC its impossible to tell time because every day is the same as the last, language study and gospel study, in varying ratios depending on how much of the Sabbath it is that day. if its Sunday, flavor is added with extra church meetings. because of this, this week was much like the last. so in order to SpiceTM things up (Spice trademark of the Spice Girls) our guest photographer for this week is Elder Emery Cyusa of Rwanda, who just so happens to be my companion. 

(Captions are below pictures)

Cyusa took this the first night we were here, immediately establishing his dynamic visual stylings even as we undressed. i swear this is a shot out of Resevoir Dogs.

the thing behind us is a lava-lava like the Polynesians wear, but Malagasies don't call it that. also theirs are more decorative as you can see how detailed that one is. the text on it is french, not Malagasy, because this one was made with the intent to be sold to white tourists. i like this picture cause i was going for an 80's look.

the fabled Armenians. i say fabled cause i always thought Armenia was just the country country Petra from Enders Game was from, not an actual place. From left to right, Elders Neilson, Galorath, Ahlstrohm, Kay, Cyusa, and Jowers.  Neilson's full name is Mohonri Joseph Smith Neilson which is... unfortunate. And while his name may scream my parents want me to serve a mission his personality thankfully did not. Very outgoing guy, very funny. infamous for giving hugs that broke ribs. Ahlstrohm broke his collarbone playing soccer and was sent home to recover. He's still called though, so hes still doing missionary work and serving back home. didn't even flinch when it happened either, hes a super strong guy. he'll probably be in Armenian within three months.

 for someone with millimeter long locks, cyusa sure does brush his hair everyday. he also went to go get it cut, then took this dope pic

 you have all only seen ugly picture version of Elder Heiden, Cyusa somehow stole a shot of Heiden in his natural sensuality

Cyusa summons an eternal maelstrom to wash away the unbelievers

Galorath and Heiden look on

Cyusa fulfills his dream of being an air traffic controller. actually hes working with a language learning program TALL. its jingle is the only secular music i get to listen to, and i take the opportunity to every day. *tall*TAAAAAAAA-AAAAALLL*tall* 

i love the aesthetic of korean written over a picture of Jesus and i keep this pamphlet with me always

picture taken seconds before Cyusa made it rain Ariarys. the floor was littered with almost .73 USD. i took my clothes off anyways.

Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man trilogy is a cinematic masterpiece

The purple pair pops a squat
pop a squat is a great phrase and i will use it no matter how vaguely relevant it is
gagarin's look here is on point

Poppin a squat with my whole zone. 


Gagarin posing for his wikipedia picture once he's president

all in all id rate Elder Cyusa's photography skills as:

As for me, i noticed that the word of wisdom pamphlets all have different models based on language (diggin' the Koreans' matching track suits and the Malagasies' capris)

the ol' recursive camera trick

Met my ol' RgAy at the provo temple! you can see he's growing his hair out for his Jimmy Neutron Halloween costume. or was it Donkey Kong? His name is Steven Fluckiger. Yes, it really is. We bonded over our shared blonde feyness. Steven's a deep thinker and knows more about pregnancy and delivering children than anyone majoring history ought to. He has a way of laughing that sounds like hes hyperventilating and an unyielding faith in the gospel (of Gwen Stefani).

Demonic possession is a constant threat at the MTC

as is THIS

Elder Turley sullies this beaut with his headsweat every night. the kid holding it has a bad face and a nice sweater.


Elder Baize (21, from Hawaii going to Indonesia) and I found out that our grandmothers both live in Canton Michigan and are Best BFF Friends Forever. This has deepened our friendship to the point where 420 Baize It let me see his chest hair (nice!)

i will hang dental floss around my neck in order to have the skinniest tie at the MTC
Almost forgot, I don't have any pictures of it but i met an awesome guy this week. Elder Carlos A. Godoy, of the Quorum of the 70 came and spoke to us on Sunday and it was fantastic. he also just talked at this most recent general conference which was also very good, made me go reread my patriarchal blessing. He was one of the first people to ever give a General Conference talk in Portuguese, i believe. He didn't seem very confident in his English speaking ability here but he still gave far and away the best devotional i (or my branch president) I've heard here. So chew on that, native English speaking general authorities. also made me much more inspired to study Malagasy, knowing i can still reach people even without a perfect grasp of the language. 

Other than that, take note of my new cyberspace address and meatspace address at the top of my blog. Mail is my only real contact with the outside world and i love getting it, so if you have any inclination at all please message me or write a letter. i can guarantee ill respond, there is little else I do for fun.

Cyusa and I were both looking for so much more in this world

but then we found each other

Pretentious Landscape Shots or PLS, as in pls stop doing these

He departs

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