Sunday, March 27, 2016

malagasy has two different passive verb forms "to offer" (as well as different active, circumstantial and command verb forms)

ugh i left my camera cord at home so no pictures
so not a ton new since i last wrote, its still ambohipo, im still training elder Wilmot. its been slightly hard, cause i think its been a bit of a tough transistion from south africa to madagascar for elder wilmot. he got to experience his first major rainstorm/flood on saturday that pretty much obliterated our whole program and shoes and his flashlight (or "torch") so he seemed slightly down about that. with the exceptions of rainstorms though, we had some amazing blessing/luck according to your persuasion throughout this week.
for example, we had two amazig street contacts that were completly unexpected this week, once while we were walking a man working a taxi phone stand (he sits at a little booth and you pay a little money to use his cell phoe, he also sells cell phone minutes) waved us down and flashed a filthly looking book of mormon at us. hes like "my friend left this here. this is you guys bible, right?" were teaching him next sunday so im excited to see how it turns out. then also, as we were leaving the church, these two guys just stop right in front of us and really awkwardly smiled hugely and slowly put out their hands for a shake. the mans name is edvand, the sons name edmond, and edvand really wants his son to learn english with us as well learn how to be a missionary. (edmonds down with it too); we told him we can totally make his son a missionary but it might take a year and a couple of gallons of water first. appointment on tuesday. edmonds already called us twice to remind us. also, i called out their accents, guess where their from? toliara, of course. so we hada great time mivolabola-ing in teny vezo. being good at toliara dialect has seriously ratcheted up my contacting success, it seem half the population in ambohipo is from there and it makes us instant friends.
other than that, we als o got a new investigator this week, a guy who learns at the english cklass every week and is now also interested in the gospel. we had a chat about his life and he has some pretty typical malagasy college age guy problems; he left his home and family in finarantsoa to learn at the college in tana, but now hes out of money and food so he cant go to school anymore and hes looking for work. he had a job before, making clothes. they worked him from the early morning until a short lunch break, then until 3 or 4 in the morning, at which point he was allowed 1 or 2 hoours of sleep before work started again. he made 20000Ar a week there, or about 6.67 US dollars. basically a sweatshop. yeesh. i told him he was right to look for different work (does this count as counciling people?). we're working on getting him some proper clothes os he wont be too embarrassed to attend church.
i got to pull a slick move this week, we visited out investigator, Omea, but the man at their house bailed at the lesson and we needed a man present to teacher her, so i contacted her neighbor, Mika, a young guy i had chatted up the day before on the street and convinced him to sit in with us as a service to his neighbor and to som poor travelling preachers. so of course he agreed and we got a new investigator out of it. later on we went to teach a recent convert, Iando, but her man friend had also bailed that day so i just went right back to the investigators house we just taught (Gina, Sage, Vero, and Manda, who all also happened to be from, you guessed it, toliara) and asked manda if he wanted to know what its like like to be preacher of god. so he went with us and taught Iando. it would have been a much more graceful victory if i hadnt done so much fist pumping. (Iando also speaks teny vezo so im a pretty popular guy right now)
Sorry if the stories were boring this week! ill try to be more organized and spontaneous next week. lots of love, from the undefeated egyptian rat screw champion of the Ambohipo house, Loholona Mankahery (i changed it agained to have a more Imerina infix)

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